Khoury Administrative Learning Institute is a leading learning platform that helps anyone learn business, administrative, and management skills required to leapfrog their career path. At KALI, we arm up students with creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. Through result-oriented and foundational training, we shape up raw minds into qualified and competent Administrative Professionals.

Hi, I’m Georgia Khoury, and I represent Khoury Administrative Learning Institute. Are you looking for a lamplight to guide you through your career’s dark path and take it to the new heights of success? If yes, I’m probably the right person for you. I founded an innovative learning institution that arms up clueless students with confidence, soft creative skills, exceptional administrative and managerial skills, problem-solving art, etc., to leapfrog their career path. With my ten years of hands-on administration experience, I know my way around to business administration and management. Let’s sit together to find you your career grit!

About Us

We are in the business of building successful Administrative Assistants by providing individuals with the foundational training that will develop them into qualified Administrative Professionals.