“Develop Your Employees To Develop Your Business” …KALI Encourages Professional Development

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of the Khoury Administrative Learning Institute (KALI), Georgia Khoury, is encouraging business owners to invest in the development of their employees to help improve their skillsets to raise the success rate of their company.

KALI, she said, is a professional training program that offers various professional development and customer service courses. The company was established in 2018 and has been functioning as a customer service and professional development institution for two years. The institution started as an administrative training program inspired by the passion of its CEO for Administration, Business and Management.

KALI CEO explained that her passion for establishing such a company in Liberia grew from the lack of customer service that workers displayed during her visit to Liberia in December of 2018. “The lack of customer service triggered me to change my focus of KALI and brought my expertise and experience of customer service and professional development training to Liberia. I encountered a few bad experiences while visiting some of the top tourist sites in Liberia, and I was discouraged by the unprofessionalism displayed by my people.”

She said her institution trains people who want to be professionals. She works with businesses to deliver a scalable solution to the company’s skills gap, using technology and innovative ways to capture and share operational knowledge across organizations by coordinating sessions taught by qualified specialists with years of experience.

According to her, professional development is about understanding the needs of employees, the business and how one can improve employees’ skills and also aligning them with the company’s goals.

Speaking during an exclusive conversation with this paper, Madam Khoury said her intention of establishing the company is to also give back to Liberia by being a client-focused and result-driven service provider that provides broad-based services at an affordable fees; saying that it will not in any way put a hole in the pocket of their clients.

“I am in Liberia providing a leading platform for organizations on training their staffs on customer service and professional development. My institution is affordable to any organization. Whether you are a private business, small developing company, or government entity, we offer standard and professional services to all our clients at all levels. We work hard to meet and surpass our clients’ expectations whenever they hire our services. Our client’s best interest always comes first, and our values and professional ethics guide us in everything we do, ” she said.

Madam Khoury informed she has hosted free events to help professionals around Liberia understand the importance of customer service and professional development within an organization and its impact on the success of any company. “January of this year, I hosted a free customer service training “customer service in Africa,” at P.As Rib House. It was a full house. We had 60 participants from 33 different organizations. I also hosted a professional happy hour this month for youth and professionals of Liberia which was also a free event.”

KALI’s training services include Leadership and Management, Professional Development, Communication, interpersonal, Emotional Intelligence, Staff center training, Call center training, Critical Thinking, and many more.

Khoury asserts that KALI is a licensed company that provides training, staffing, and consulting services to government agencies and private companies. Her company understands how crucial it is to find the right trainer with the right skillsets to contribute to the success of a professional organization.

Madam Khoury intoned that she accurately delivers qualified talent that her clients require because of her firm commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and reliability, “we tailor our training and staffing approach to the requirements of our clients. KALI offers thorough and accurate skills-matching and training to fill all your skills gaps and finds the perfect candidate for your openings.

She told this paper that her company is currently providing training services to one of Liberia’s leading GSM company, Lonestar Cell MTN.

She further said her entity has also provided customer service training to the staff at Paynesville City Corporation (PCC), and is hoping to draw the attention of other companies in search of quality and consultancy services to help improve their employees’ performance.

Madam Georgia said she has always admired helping others succeed in life. This passion and her interest in business relations have become the catalyst for studying Management at the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) in the United States.

During this time, she simultaneously started her career in Law Enforcement, working her way up to becoming a leading Correctional Officer at the District of Columbia (D.C.) Department of Corrections. Though Georgia was excellent with her role, she was eager to tap into her appreciation for business.

In 2015, Georgia became an Executive Assistant at one of the top renowned government agencies in the United States (U.S). Later she was promoted to the Post of Special Assistant and then to Lead Management Analyst, where she managed a team of analysts within the Human Resources (H.R.) Department.

From the start of her career to today, Georgia has completed many highlighted accomplishments. She plans to achieve more by being the first Liberian Woman-owned Customer Service and Professional Development institution in Liberia.


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Too many women not enough men

“Is a man fit to work as a secretary or an assistant?” “Is the administrative field too feminine?” These questions bring us to our topic for today ” Is the administrative field for men?” Keep in mind being an Administrative assistant is not a gender-specific role. Why might you ask? According to, 2,744,000 people in the world take on the profession as a secretary or an administrative assistant and only 5.4% of men work in the field meanwhile the percentage of women is 94.6%.

Over the years the administrative field became a female-dominated occupation, and because it became feminized, men chose not to pursue the profession. Most people are unaware that more than a century ago 85% of clerical workers were men. A much more significant percentage compared to what statistics have shown in the last few years. Folks should not believe that gender labels are specific to certain positions. You don’t have to be a firefighter, construction worker, bodybuilder, or physical trainer to maintain a masculine lifestyle. There is no such thing as jobs for women or jobs for men.

Here at Khoury Administrative Learning Institute, we encourage not only women but men to join the administrative field and overcome the stereotype of being a male Administrative professional. We push men to explore all career options, suitable to their ability. The administrative field needs more male perspectives to grow and become a balanced gender occupation. We aspire to help you achieve your goals in striving to pursue a position as an Administrative Assistant by teaching you the ins and outs of the field and allowing you to continue to stay in touch with your masculine side. Khoury Administrative Learning Institute not only helps you to pursue your dreams, but we open doors for new opportunities for you to grow and embark in a high demand profession. Remember being an Administrative professional is not a gender-specific field, men are needed just as well as women, it’s not about your gender it’s about your performance. After reading this blog we hope that you have a different outlook of what Khoury Administrative Learning Institute has to offer, and with our assistance, you can become the next thriving male Administrative Assistant.