Our Story

Georgia Khoury CEO/Founder

Khoury Administrative Learning Institute (KALI), founded by Georgia M. Khoury, is a professional training program that offers various professional development and customer service courses. The company was developed in 2018 and had been fully functioning as a customer service and professional development institution for two years. The institution started as an Administrative training program inspired by our CEO’s passion for Administration, business, and management. KALI’s primary focus when first created was on developing competent and skilled driven administrative professionals that were well equipped to work in an office setting, whether in government or the private sector. In December of 2018, our CEO took a trip to her home country of Liberia, and that is where she found herself reevaluating the purpose of KALI. During her visit, she encountered a few bad experiences while visiting some of the top tourist attractions. The lack of professionalism and customer service that the staff members displayed triggered her to change her focus and bring her expertise and experience of customer service and professional development training to Liberia. 

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