Too many women not enough men

Too many women not enough men

“Is a man fit to work as a secretary or an assistant?” “Is the administrative field too feminine?” These questions bring us to our topic for today ” Is the administrative field for men?” Keep in mind being an Administrative assistant is not a gender-specific role. Why might you ask? According to, 2,744,000 people in the world take on the profession as a secretary or an administrative assistant and only 5.4% of men work in the field meanwhile the percentage of women is 94.6%.

Over the years the administrative field became a female-dominated occupation, and because it became feminized, men chose not to pursue the profession. Most people are unaware that more than a century ago 85% of clerical workers were men. A much more significant percentage compared to what statistics have shown in the last few years. Folks should not believe that gender labels are specific to certain positions. You don’t have to be a firefighter, construction worker, bodybuilder, or physical trainer to maintain a masculine lifestyle. There is no such thing as jobs for women or jobs for men.

Here at Khoury Administrative Learning Institute, we encourage not only women but men to join the administrative field and overcome the stereotype of being a male Administrative professional. We push men to explore all career options, suitable to their ability. The administrative field needs more male perspectives to grow and become a balanced gender occupation. We aspire to help you achieve your goals in striving to pursue a position as an Administrative Assistant by teaching you the ins and outs of the field and allowing you to continue to stay in touch with your masculine side. Khoury Administrative Learning Institute not only helps you to pursue your dreams, but we open doors for new opportunities for you to grow and embark in a high demand profession. Remember being an Administrative professional is not a gender-specific field, men are needed just as well as women, it’s not about your gender it’s about your performance. After reading this blog we hope that you have a different outlook of what Khoury Administrative Learning Institute has to offer, and with our assistance, you can become the next thriving male Administrative Assistant.

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